BossPaper v0.93 Beta

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I am releasing BossPaper v0.91 BossPaper v0.93 beta tonight for testing (if you grabbed anything < 0.93, please update). There are still a few features that I plan to implement that are not in this version, but I think it is a good idea to start getting feedback.

In order to test it, you must install the bigboss beta repository, which I have also released into Cydia for those of you that said you are a “hacker” or “developer” when you loaded Cydia the first time. BossPaper will automatically install logmailer because if you have any problems, I would like a logmailer output of your syslog. If you don’t plan to send syslogs to me when having problems, well then you should not try to beta test this. Of course the first non-beta repo version will not require logmailer. If you hate having logmailer icon, you can hide it for now using SBSettings.

Based on the success / failure of this release, I may move it into a public repository before adding the remaining features.

Currently, the app requires 3.0. I am not sure if I plan to support 2.x or not. Every day there are less 2.x users and more 3.x users. It makes little sense to focus on 2.x for a new app.

Features missing are:

1) Ability to select a single image. If you want a single image make a folder with that image for now.

2) Ability to exclude a single image or images. For now you have to delete it off the folder. In future you will have a way to tell it to not load that image again.

3) Photos – Camera roll is working because these are photos. If you sync pictures using iTunes, these are actually no longer images but an sqllite database of images. Therefore, you cannot use these images. (I haven’t tested this very much. So it could be in accurate).

4) I may examine lock background as well, although I am worried about performance. The lock background should be stationary so that you dont drain your battery while locked. I will think about this more.

5) Other things I didnt list here.

I am also releasing some BossPaper paper packs to go along with it.

Other developers: I have a beta repository so if you want to use this service you can submit beta level apps for the beta repository to get early feedback before going “live”.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


82 Responses to “BossPaper v0.93 Beta”

  1. Anton Says:

    Good news, I look forward to full analog slow WinterBoard

  2. Will Says:

    v0.92 works fine.

    Thanks BigBoss!

  3. Stefan Says:

    Works fine on 2G phone. But a little hard to set the time for transitions. Even though i have normal size fingers they are too big to see/set the times easy.

    Since this is a beta i guess there will be changes, but i will mention this anyway. I have several folders with different themes of images, depending on my mood. It would be nice to be able to disable a folder instead of having to remove it and then add another when i want another set of images.

  4. Jerry Says:

    Thanks BigBoss, works perfectly! Your preview image for transitions is too funny!

    - White icon labels switch (the apple gray just doesn’t read well with backdrops)
    - Icon label Glow switch (same reason as above)
    - CUBE transition effect


  5. Jerry Says:

    btw. I’m on iPhone 3G v3.0

  6. Jerry Says:

    The transition timer seems a bit odd:
    - if you don’t set the initial 30sec, you get rotation in 30sec-2min-30sec-2min
    - if you move the timer slider, you can’t get back to 30sec. The closest I got was 30.18. You then get rotation in 30sec-1min-30-1min

  7. Anonymous Says:

    where is this bosspaper in cydia i can find it

  8. BigBoss Says:

    You probably don’t have enough images so the random number coming up is the same image already there. How many images are you rotating in your folder?

  9. Jerry Says:

    Oh ok, yes that makes sense. I thought that the images were displayed sequentially – was going suggest a random feature like with transitions, but your answer makes sense. I only had 3 images in the folder.

  10. Jerry Says:

    You should have a BigBoss Beta Repo in the ‘Changes’ section. If you don’t, go to Manage > Settings > Developer, and you should see it. Install it & you’ll see BossPaper.

  11. TheYellowM Says:

    Works great, looks even better!
    I have a little over 400 pics in one folder.
    Thanks BigBoss

    PS Will play with the settings and give some feedback later…

  12. Thiemo Says:

    hmmm i have a real problem!!!
    i cant find it (i’m developer in cydia)
    but i tipp bigboss but only something but not bigboss beta or bosspaper
    what i must do???

  13. The Digital Alchemist Says:

    Big Boss…

    PLEASE consider releasing this for 2.2. I really don’t want to go to 3.0. I would be happy to donate toward your time to make it work on 2.2.

  14. Cofibr Says:

    Man that thing is awesome!!
    But please put in the cube transition, i would appreciate it and then it would be perfect.
    And I wonder if you could later put option to change icons so i could delete winterboard and use just bosspaper?

  15. Uri Says:

    when I go to Photos (under add folders) i get a blank screen.; it does not show the photo folders I have on the iPhone.
    Cemera roll does show.

    any ideas?

  16. Cofibr Says:

    you have to put images manuly not through itunes
    just use winscp and put folder with images into media folder ;)

  17. Uri Says:

    i was kind of thinking this will be the issue. thanks, I will do it.

  18. Uri Says:

    you mean like liveclock or weather icon?

  19. Zooropalg Says:

    I started the download via cydia. Logmailer started to install but crashed! Now I can’t open cydia! Help me please! Mail me bigboss!

  20. Alejandro Says:

    PLEASE! finish and activate the “Individual Picture” option!
    It’s a pain to use a Single picture Folder :(

    PD: Works great on iphone 3G 16GB 3.0JB.

  21. Cofibr Says:

    no. just changing icons manualy so I don’t need to apply any themes

  22. guy Says:

    This post explains EVERYTHING EXCEPT what the app actually does.

  23. BigBoss Says:

    I am not going to make this theme icons. That requires hooking functions for all UIImages and is a bit out of scope of this project.

    I will look into cube transition as well as a couple others in the future.

  24. BigBoss Says:

    I am considering it. I do not accept donations.

  25. BigBoss Says:

    The app has a “more info” that explains what it does thoroughly and there is a previous post on this site that announces the app and describes it. Feel free to use the search here.

  26. User Says:

    I noticed that the icon labels are slight greyish, the dock labels are white though.
    Also it’s pretty nice to have a different lock background and springboard background, couldn’t get this to work on winterboard but it’s fine with Bosspaper.
    Anyway, too bad that you can’t add the pictures folder.

    Thanks BigBoss for spending your time in developing these great apps.

  27. Jeton Says:

    Where are the wallpaper packs located?

    And how can i turn/off disable the dock changing option?
    Let’s say I want to use a dock of an existing theme.

    BossPaper is really a great initiative.
    Thank you BigBoss.

  28. Jeton Says:

    Found it.

    It’s in var/mobile/Media/BossPaper/

  29. Freeman Says:

    When you load more than one picture, is it loaded with a randomization ? If yes, is it possible to add an option to disable randomization ?

  30. Demigod Says:

    BigBoss, this is great! Works good even with all the tweaks I’ve done to my iPhone.

    Can’t wait for you to finish the other options. Keep up the great work!

  31. Mes Says:

    +1^^^ Please …. consider 2.2.1.

  32. Kevon Says:


    First of all i would like to say i really like this app. But i think the wallpaper still changes when the phone locks.
    Let say i have wallpaper 1, then i lock my phone by pressing the power button on the top right hand corner. I leave it to sit for a while then i unlock it. When i look at the wallpaper, it is no longer wallpaper 1. Should it not be wallpaper 1?

  33. Rob Says:

    ya i was thinking the same thing?

    if theyre changing when its locked wont that use a lot of battery?

  34. raphael Says:

    i have the memory showing on my status bar, i was wondering, when i have bosspaper with random effects and images on the memory slowly goes down every time it changes. I thought it wasn’t suppose to take a lot of memory? I am just wondering, maybe it is just me.

  35. Ex Says:

    Hey where is bigboss beta repository?!?! Ive already put developer mode in cydia

  36. ifly53e Says:

    It appears that the minimum transition interval is 5 seconds. I was trying for an animation effect that requires a faster transition interval (on the order of .25 to .50 seconds). I already have the transition length set to 0.25. Request to have the transition time slider go from zero to max or request to input a number for the transition time. Also, request to have a switch for the randomization added so we can turn that off if we want. Thanks!

  37. ifly53e Says:

    It appears as though my font color for the icon labels has turned to gray…dock icon lables are still white. Using a 3G with 3.0.

  38. Rajiv Says:


    The BigBossBetaPro repository is found within the BigBoss & Planet-iPhones repository. You have to install the BigBossBetaPro repository *first* and then you can install BossPaper.


  39. Erik Says:

    Thanx for your work!… Works great… I am now becoming a bigger iphone nerd… Thanx… I have killed winterboard and am pleased w the effects… Now im creating sms tones… Wondering the limits of ssh???? Header mods etc?.. Thank you again for new ways to play…. And who doesnt take donations? …. PIMP

  40. Erik Says:

    Import from stock wallpaper folder??.. Lot of cydia files dump there… Hafta move?

  41. Simey Says:

    Just tried it this morning on my 3GS. lovely! thanks BB :)

  42. Bruno Says:


    First well done for this application.
    Have just one problem, instal bosspaper, after reboot my 3G firmware 3.0 and now, don’t have the bosspaper icon and cannot run Cydia.
    When lunch Cydia, run 3 sec and after go back to springboard ….
    Can help me ?

  43. Bruno Says:


    Nobody to help ?


  44. tyti77 Says:

    Thx a lot for this app Mega BigBoss ;)!

    After more test i will give a feedback.

  45. TheYellowM Says:

    Hi again,

    played around with the app a bit, no problems so far.
    I’d appreciate the possibility to switch off randomized display.
    Is it possible to scale down the icons on springboard so you see more bosspaper and less icons?
    What about a little transparency for the icons? Would do the same…
    Thanks again! Great app!

  46. chow Says:

    Awesome app….i aways wished an app like this…you rock boss….

  47. Jim Stewart Says:

    I like the app but would love to see it do lock screen as well. I currently use winterboard to rotate between 6 images over a 24hour period (so only 6 transitions per 24hrs). I have the same image on lock and desktop. I would like to recreate similar with better performance!

  48. BigBoss Says:

    I definitely don’t understand the question. By default it does not touch or change your dock. If you do change the dock, it applies a Winterboard theme that is your dock. You can just change it in Winterboard by unchecking the theme. Is this the case perhaps that you selected a dock and then didn’t see it in winterboard to disable? Maybe I can do something with that.

  49. BigBoss Says:

    Everytime you respring it would start from the beginning. If you have 1000 pictures there is a good chance you would never see the ones at the end of your list.

  50. BigBoss Says:

    I will take a look at this, but I think it may change *one more time* as the timer is already running and when you lock it can change. I will run it with the debugger going to verify this. Good report!

  51. BigBoss Says:

    Does it go down then back up? Or after some 30 transitions your iphone freezes and reboots? Please give more detail.

  52. BigBoss Says:

    Sorry but this are not related to bosspaper. Just because bosspaper was last thing installed does not mean it was the cause.

    There are a ton of threads on debugging cydia issues elsewhere. You will see this after reading how to fix cydia etc. There is a post on this site you can read but it is for a specific cydia problem. The commenters in the post have links and suggestions for more generic problems. I would read those.

  53. chow Says:


    i want to send you the log file, but i am not able to find your mail id. please post it so that i can send u the log.

  54. BigBoss Says:

    I am investigating lock screen images. I am worried that this can become a battery drainer though. Rotating them every 6 hours is probably not so bad.

  55. Darren/Kainz UK Says:

    I just wanted to say another thanks for your work.

    I am running the app on a JB’d 3.0 3G phone and haven’t had no issues so far. I went as far as looking at all my Winterboard plugins and manually disecting them and replacing the springboard icons (header batt, lockscreen slider) directly. This enabled me to completely dump Winterboard, yet retain the customisation I had.

    Sadly Winterboard, or Mob-Substrate was giving me 5sec shutdown times whenever I would exit any app. It was getting out of control – until I would disable WB from within SBSettings and all would be fine.

    So far performance wise, I haven’t seen a single hit to it with Bosspaper.

    I am sure you are working on the Transition sliders anyway as they are rather finicky in use. You’ve done a superb job and this is one app that will be equally as well regarded as SBSettings and WB – the two key JB apps.

  56. holzfred Says:

    You understand German??? GEIL!! :-)

    It works great and do all what i want…



  57. BiL Says:

    thanks for all of your hard work. i really love this App. I’ve been wanting to change the springboard wallpaper for some time but havne’t wanted to use Winterboard because of the performance hit/general fragility of the system.

    i hope you’ll publish instructions for creating image packs with the full release. I’ve made some of my own in the phone itself, but I’d really like to make them more widely available.

    one feature i cannot get to work is the dock images. no matter what i set it to the stock dock remains. would this be related to having “5 icon dock” installed?

  58. Dick Wu Says:

    Hey Boss, for your changing lock screen wallpaper idea, i definitely want it and need it rather than changing the one on the springboard. I prefer to have no wallpaper on the springboard so that I can read the icon more clearer.

    And for the lock screen problem, I definitely don’t need to it run on base on TIME interval but instead, when I press the HOME or POWER button to wakeup the device, and at that moment, I need to wallpaper to be changed. So it is possible to intercept the button press event on iPhone, I think it can solve the battery draining problem?

  59. Kevon Says:

    @ BigBoss
    Then if it changes only one more time, then there should not be any battery drain?

  60. BigBoss Says:

    Image packs go directly in /var/mobile/Media/BossPaper/FOLDERNAME and are just png or jpg images. Try that out and feel free to submit them to “Submit your theme” link here when you got them working.

    I am interested in learning more about your dock images issue. Do you have winterboard installed? Does the device respring after you set the new image?

  61. Dicono Says:

    Thank you for your outstanding work on this app! It fills a void that I’ve been trying to find a solution to for a long time…

    I am having an issue, however, with using this in conjunction with a Delnoch theme mod. The theme uses an underlay to create an organizational grid at the top and bottom of the screen, and also creates some informational “widgets.” These all seem to be called from a “Widget.html” doc when the theme loads.

    Unfortunately, BossPaper seems to load the wallpaper over this display – something that unfortunately makes this theme unusable. I should note that I have been using a JS solution within the theme to rotate wallpapers, and this works without covering up the widget displays.

    I am not sure whether the more efficient way you are handling the wallpaper loading makes it impossible for BossPaper to coexist with a theme like this, but I thought I would mention it in hopes that a solution may be found.

    Thank you again!

  62. Ex Says:

    I don’t understand… Do i have to add a new repository or what?

  63. Dicono Says:

    Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to mention that I would also like to add my voice to the request for a toggle between sequential and random image selection, if such a feature would not be prohibitively difficult to implement. While I personally prefer the randomization as default, I think it would be nice to have a choice, especially if you use a set of images that, for example, change according to the time of day.

  64. BiL Says:

    i do not have winterboard installed, and yes, the device resprings after i exit BossPaper (though not immediately after setting the new dock image). also, sometimes (though not always) after the respring, there’s no wallpaper at all, just black.

  65. javelinstorm Says:

    go into ssh and manually switch icon.png in the apps folder with what you want

  66. Jeton Says:

    “If you do change the dock, it applies a Winterboard theme that is your dock. You can just change it in Winterboard by unchecking the theme.”

    This was the confusion i was having.

    I didn’t realize you could disable the “new” dock (applied from BossPaper) from Winterboard.

    My suggestion is that you implement a “Use the theme dock” option in BossPaper, if possible of course.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    I will test again. I had transitions for evey 5 se onds to see how it worked. I amrunnig it on 3GS so memory isnt a problem but will trst again and let you know.

  68. Raphael Says:

    Justtried it out again. Seems to decreasing and increase as the images rotate. Ran it for about 5-7 minutes with 5 second transitions with ripple effect. For the 5-7 minutes it went from 150ish to 60-70 with decreasing and increasing between those two numbers. Then after i decided to open safari to reply to you and it went back up to 133. Iz this normal? Have you noticex this at all? I do have a quite bit of mobile substrate addons too. Running on 3gs with winterboard, five icon dock, six rows, cyntact, grip, qtweeter and some other things i can’t remember off the top of my head.

  69. jrrtps Says:

    there is no application on Cydia re: bossPaper, I reloaded 3 times


  70. Erik Says:

    Just a fyi…. I havent a / library/wallpaper folder inside app…. No matter…. Tracking post sez its gonna b default so…. Rad thanx again

  71. Yan Says:

    is JB 3.0 is updated?no lags and short battery life and app crashes??or still same shiz?

  72. Lucee Says:

    Hi: I got adventurous and dwld BossPaper. A very interesting app. thank you for that. I will keep it on my 3gs. I use seconds and at first it seemed to lag but as i watched it change it increased. I’ve just had it for about an hour.
    Also i keep my iphone to 5 min. before it sleeps.
    This is a keeper for me.

  73. Anonymous Says:

    wrong placed to post body

  74. Iphonehiphop Says:

    wow nice ass app ! great work sweet !

  75. BranBrow Says:

    After skimming the comments no one has mentioned the timer, my issue is that it won’t change from secs to mins. Even when I set it the app won’t keep the change after leaving the screen. Is this just me, should I reinstall?

  76. Erik Says:

    Does sec/ min/ hrs…. Tapt blu icon?… … Send thread or reinstal yo … Gd luck

  77. ricanvet Says:

    what’s the exact name of the repo that i need to add? i mean i already have BigBoss’s repo installed. what’s next? please give detailed info. i’ve been trying to get it since last night and i have been unable to. Make it dumb proof please…

  78. OGLi Says:

    Hey BB – I have a request which I’m not sure if it would work or not. Can u have an option where it retains the photo’s aspect ratio instead of stretching it? Some wallpapers I have are landscape instead of portrait sized.

  79. Leon Says:

    Any chance of having bigger wallpapers scroll from page to page as it does in android?

  80. iphoneuser2 Says:

    I too would like to see an option to retain the original photo’s aspect ratio…a lot of my photos look weird when stretched…also, i realize photos synced to iphone aren’t individual photos but any chance of making this a source option?

  81. Assassin trojan Says:

    some1 should gimme d downloading link pls….
    how can i manually install apps on my iphone 2g fw version 2.2.1 ?
    pls help me pls its urgent

  82. alegba Says:

    i was wondering if there was a fix in the works for the aspect ratio issue mentioned already? i absolutely love this program, but some of my pictures do not have the dimensions of a regular background, but i would like them to not be stretched. thank you for this program!

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