SBSettings Toggle Pack Update

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Update your sbsetting toggles pack to v1.1.

There was a permissions bug in packaging the original toggle pack that prevented the EDGE toggle from working.¬† I have updated the toggle pack and am posting the update. Please update the toggle pack, and if Cydia doesn’t force you to, make sure you respring after. Remember, the E will show up whether¬† or not EDGE is enabled. The only valid test is trying to load a web page in safari.

I tested the updated EDGE toggle while in safari using this procedure:

1) Load safari
2) swipe and pull up SBSettings
3) Disable EDGE, WIFI
4) Close SB Settings try to load a web page.
5) Safari reports error: “Cannot Open Page” and not connected to internet.
6) Swipe and pull up SBSettings
7) After the E comes back, refresh the web page that previously errored.
8) Watch the data start loading.

It seems to be working well for me.

Note: as a side-effect of the update you may need to reset which toggles show up in the SBSettings app via the “more” gui. Sorry.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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75 Responses to “SBSettings Toggle Pack Update”

  1. Skol Says:

    the SSH Toggle is still not working (for me)

  2. ErMasLoko Says:

    EDGE now works in mi iPhone 2G!!!! but SSH no :(

  3. muffinmuncher Says:

    i dont get a any ssh toggle too!

  4. Nighthawk441 Says:

    i would love to know how to make your own toggles or add app launch.. cant wait for next version :)

  5. Spegeliphone Says:

    SSH works not for me ^^

    Where can i make my own toggles?

  6. adam Says:

    is it possible to make it hid when the phone is locked? because when i lock the phone it still shows up when i turn the screen back on, i then cannot use the slide to unlock until i close the sbpreffs.

  7. mark Says:

    Well this cured my 3G connectivity issues.

    SSH does not work however. The connection is always refused….

  8. zequi Says:

    hello, I’m on v0,91 and ssh toggle works but not allways

  9. Johnny Says:

    hi, i love the application but the one thing i think that could be an issue is that sbsettings can be activated even if you lock your phone with the passcode. if you lose your phone, anyone who happens to find it could manipulate the phone through sbsettings. so in an update could you make it so that the app cannot be utilized while locked? thank you.

  10. HandyRandy Says:

    About the lock screen ability: I like it, but I can see where others wouldn’t. So I suggest making it optional.

  11. cLey Says:

    SBSettings is great!!!!! super sweet! Good job guys.

  12. gray_hat Says:

    I would be very interested in a VPN toggle, and if possible a pdanet toggle.

  13. HandyRandy Says:

    oh ya definitely a Veency & PDANet toggle. The Veency toggle would simply turn on “auto-accepting”

  14. johnny69blaze Says:

    What does the refresh button do?

  15. Anonymous Says:

    It refreshes the state of the toggles since they are only refreshed once when springboard loads.

  16. bobsco Says:

    If we had BossPrefs already installed, do we need to keep it now that we have SBsettings? Do they work together? I also noticed that I had turned off SSH on boss prefs and enable it using SBsettings, but it still didn’t work so I had to go to boss prefs and enable there and everything was fine. For those having SSH issues.

  17. SeijinZero Says:

    SSH toggle isn’t working for me either, and PLEASE add location services toggle. also, (and this would probably be under the “more” section) a way to return sms alerts back to only once like 1.x firmware. THANKS!

  18. SeijinZero Says:

    oh yeah, one more thing, please get rid of the too tiny close button and either use another swipe of the status bar to close or a bigger button somewhere. it’s just too small and awkward so tightly in the corner. THANKS AGAIN!

    BTW, totally reason #2 to jailbreak (#1 being categories so you can fit more apps)

  19. ErMasLoko Says:

    1. Install BossPrefs
    2. Enable SSH (in BoosPrefs)
    3. (Optional) You can unistall BossPrefs
    4. And now, SSH toggle works in SBsettings.

    Works for me.

  20. caroline Says:

    My Winterboard (icons and gui replacements) stopped working right after I updated! How can I revert back to the previous version? :(

  21. caroline Says:

    I’m sorry, after playing with priorities a few times in Winterboard and respringing from there, all my customization is back. Great idea btw, SBSettings. Also, +1 for the VPN toggle, I need it every day a few times actually.

  22. Michi Says:

    Hi, Thanks for this cool app. Is it possible to implement an exit when pushing the home-button.

  23. JH Says:

    i cant install this :-(

    Cydia tries to owerwrite the file:
    “/applications/ wich is also in package com.lic2togglessh”

    Arg why, what can i do?
    Need this to use sbsetting app…

  24. Drew Says:

    I accidentally hit fix user dir permissions… now my 3g will not turn on… if i toggle it i lose all sevices… did i screw it up? Can you please advise!

  25. JH Says:

    yipii i found teh solution on the site…

  26. yl Says:


    but the ssh toggle doesn’t show.

    and i would slay dragons for a VPN toggle.

  27. Placinta Says:

    Thank you very much for this fine app.

    I’d like to give an idea for a toggle, and because I wasn’t sure were to post it, I’ll write here.

    A Lock Screen toggle would be very convenient, so you don’t have to use the Lock Button and break it. I heard there was something similiar for the 1.x firmware.

    I would try and code it myself, but I don’t have any Obj-C experience, and installing the toolkit is proving quite difficult.

    Thanks very much.

  28. drew Says:

    I also had an issue with the ssh toggle not showing up even though OpenSSH was installed and the toggle was on. I downloaded “toggle ssh” from cydia and it fixed the issue.

  29. Victor Says:

    +1 for VPN toggle. Since iPhone’s VPN software does not automatically reconnect, and right now it’s just too many steps for such a simple task: go to settings, wait for settings to load, VPN, turn on, exit and wait.

    +1 for wifi tethering toggle (PDANet or other software), but not as important as VPN toggle!

  30. Clg Says:


    found the same problem as ‘drew’.

    Can someone please help us.I accidentally pressed the fix user dir permissions, now i CANNOT access the internet on any connection? please there a way to revert back on maybe if i uninstall sbsetting?!

  31. Fitz Says:

    VPN! VPN! VPN! Please??

  32. rlhamil Says:

    If I had the following additional toggles, I wouldn’t want BossPrefs
    any more:

    * ABRecent cleanup
    * AFP File Sharing (afpd and dns-sd)
    * MxTube Helper

  33. ilium Says:

    Regarding VPN, I thought I’d contribute what I’d tracked down through uninformed hacking/detecting.
    It may or may not be what you need to implement the VPN switch in SBSettings.
    All of this applies to my iPhone 2G running 2.2.1.
    /Applications/ pulls in /System/Library/PreferenceBundles/VPNPreferences.bundle/VPNPreferences
    I ran strings against that, looking for the types of boolean setXxx / isXxx / getXxx methods I see via strings in the other SBSettings .dylibs.
    I found some candidates:
    VPNController (probably an object ref not a method)
    VPNStatusController (again probably an obj)

    There’s also an NLS string in there, VPN_TOGGLE, which might help you locate which methods are relevant to the toggle tasks (get status, turn on, turn off). I didn’t find VPN_TOGGLE in any .strings files though.

    I don’t suggest detecting current toggle status just by absence/presence of running processes, because (for instance) PPTP starts pppd, while L2TP starts (racoon).

    Come to think of it, if you do find the methods to get status, you could add the VPN IP address to the display! That’d be pretty cool!

    Thanks for a great tool. You really offer a valuable service to the community.

  34. abap Says:

    How about the VPN toggle?
    This could really be a killer feature for all of us switching their VPN on and off 100 times a day…

    Come on, I really like your app.

  35. X Says:

    VPN please

  36. W Says:

    VPN would be a killer toggle !
    Also, I guess another good one would be Tethering !

    Anyway, thanks for making our lives easier, you’re the Boss !

  37. Mircsicz Says:

    1 for a VPN and Tethering toggle

    Besides that I’ve to say that I Love your work!!! Thanks a ton…

  38. george Says:

    please is there any news on CLOSE APP toggle fix on 3.0 firmware for sbsettings ???????????????????
    bigboss pls reply>>>>>

  39. Seb Says:

    VPN would ruuuule!!!

  40. VPN User Says:

    The only reason i found this page was searching for a VPN toggle. I vote for VPN toggle.

  41. Alex Says:

    I also vote for a VPN toggle, and also a tethering toggle.


  42. Greg Says:

    VPN toggle please :)

  43. Dee Says:

    Please Please VPN!

  44. K.Rock Says:

    I found this page looking for VPN…
    Can it happen???!!!

  45. Mike Says:

    VPN TOGGLE!!!!

  46. Eric Says:

    VPN toggle please!!

  47. dirkuijt Says:

    +1 tethering toggle

    And what I would realy like is a status notifier when calls are being forwarded.
    So you can actualy see you’re forwarding…

  48. Jabroni Says:

    1 for a vpn toggle =D

  49. Martin Piovarci Says:

    1 for vpn toogle please

  50. mz Says:

    VPN toggle please!!!

  51. Me Says:

    VPN toggle please

  52. Rollo Martins Says:

    V P N. N O W. P L Z.

  53. vmack Says:

    VPN toggle please!

  54. jijay Says:

    GriP Massage Log Toggle please…

  55. tedbundyjr Says:

    +1 for tether toggle.

  56. Legusol Says:

    VPN toggle please

  57. madearth Says:

    +1 for VPN toggle

  58. Adam Says:

    +1000 for VPN toggle. :-)

  59. dirtymouse Says:

    oh, a VPN SBS toggle would make life so much easier. +1 for me too

  60. antonio Says:

    Toggle for GriP message log now available:

  61. TaToosh Says:

    VPN Toggle please !!! ;)

  62. Jeremy Says:

    1 for VPN toggle!

  63. me without vpn toggle Says:


  64. Paulboy Says:

    VPN 1 forever!

  65. Michael Says:

    Yes, a VPN Toggle would be so astonishing.. And a real one, replicating what the ON/OFF-switch in Settings does using the default VPN profile. I reckon this can’t be too hard a nut to crack?

    There’s a plugin available by Moyashi, but it does not support L2TP (only the less secure PPTP) and won’t bring up the VPN icon in the status bar.


  66. Anonymous Says:

    Yes please too for the VPN

  67. dg Says:

    the next one with vpntoggle wishes :)


  68. tjELITE Says:

    Maybe SwapCamRoll Toggle???

  69. Retarded Says:

    Help! When i press free memory it just hang!

  70. matth Says:

    Any news for VPN toggle????

  71. Chris Says:

    VPN toggle!!!!!

  72. Reza Says:

    VPN toggle please !

  73. baruch naama Says:

    new sbsetting update mess up the clock if you use Statusbar free Mem.

  74. Anonymous Says:


  75. njsdante Says:

    ssh toggle on sbsetting not working after untether jailbreak of 5.0.1.
    Openssh already installed and reboot but still encounter the same problem.
    i use windows and winscp to connect through ssh.

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