Music Controls Pro now available!

Author: phoenix3200  //  Category: Apps

After “only” a 6-month delay, Music Controls Pro is now ready for your device. Extending beyond the features of Music Controls, MC Pro now makes YOU a Pro at interacting with the music. With the release of MC Pro, 42 music apps are now supported (new additions include AudioGalaxy, Napster, and ZumoCast) and all-new control [...]

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4.2 due soon. Hold off

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak, News

4.2 is out. Most of you should hold off on the update for now. If you have some bug you are hoping is fixed by 4.2, it’s not.

Worse yet, while limera1n and greenpois0n allow for 4.2 to be jailbroken, in most cases this is a tethered jailbreak. That means if you have to reboot your device, it shows a “connect to itunes” logo until you run the jailbreak software again.  I suggest not updating until something changes and your device is in the untethered jailbreak list (once tools are out):

iphone3g - will run 4.2 untethered. Redsn0w or such will be updated
iphone 3gs – old bootrom will run 4.2 untethered if done via pwnage tool while updating from 4.1. Otherwise it will be tethered.
iPhone 4 – tethered
iPod 2g – 4.2 untethered.
ipod 3g and newer – tethered
iPad – tethered.

Tethered jailbreak isn’t that bad for ipads and ipods. But if something happens and your iphone reboots while you’re away from your computer, you cant use the device until you get home and run something on your computer again.  The community is working on a solution to this to either make the jailbreak untethered or at least semi-tethered. Semi-tethered means the device will at least reboot, but unjailbroken while on the road until you return to your computer.

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Limera1n – iPhone 4.1 JB is out

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak, News

Geohot just released Limera1n. This is an iphone 4.1 jailbreak for all devices.  From Geohot:

limera1n, 6 months in the making

iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
4.0-4.1 and beyond+++
limera1n is unpatchable
untethered thanks to jailbreakme star comex
released today to get chronicdev to do the right thing
brought to you by geohot
Mac and Linux coming soon
follow the instructions in the box, sadly limera1n isn’t one click
that’s the price of unpatchability
as usual, donations appreciated but not required
still in beta, pardon my ragged edges
zero pictures of my face

Download here.

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Safari Download Manager comes to the iPhone 4, iPad, and OS 4.0

Author: Dustin Howett  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak, News

The latest release of Safari Download Manager, 1.5, brings SDM up-to-date with all modern iOS devices! SDM 1.5 works on all OS versions from 3.0 to 4.x, on all existing devices, including the iPad and iPhone 4! Possibly best of all, this upgrade is free to all existing users! This is a special moment for [...]

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Pwnage 3.1.4 Supporting 3.1.2 Out

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak, News

iPhone dev team’s pwnage tool v3.1.4 is out supporting firmware 3.1.2. The dev team’s official post gives details. This lets you unlockers that need to update without updating your baseband do so. Pwnage currently only supports OSX so if you don’t have a MAC you are left with blackra1n as your only option at this time.

The pwnage guide posted on this site still applies to this release other than the updated download links at the bottom of the post.

Also, after you are done jailbreaking, make sure you select the option in the Cydia home page to save your ECID SHSH signature so you can always restore to 3.1.2 firmware in the future no matter what Apple decides you should do. This applies to both pwnage and blackra1n users.

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iPhone v3.0.1 Released

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

iPhone OS v3.0.1 is out. So far jailbreaking works if you use dev team tools redsn0w and even ultrasn0w. Purplera1n fails. I would recommend holding off the update though. It will not offer you much, if anything, and the current jailbreak state will most likely result in a 3.0 kernel on 3.0.1. In a few days a real jailbreak tool will be released. For those of you that can’t resist, you can update and jailbreak using the guides on this site. Just point redsn0w to your 30 firmware. This works for 2g, 3g, and 3gs.

Not recommended at this time. Good news that Apple hasn’t cracked down on the 3gs hole yet.

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Redsn0w 3GS Out

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

The dev-team’s jailbreak for 3GS is released. You can view the guides and download the binaries from here.

This jailbreak supports 2g, 3g, 3gs, and iPod touch 2 on 3.0. Key features:

1) Stable jailbreak tested by dev-team
2) Icy + Cydia problem solved (we think).
3) Ultrasn0w tested and working on 3gs
4) Proper kernel patches which will enable logome (after it’s updated for 3.0).
5) Mobile Substrate + Winterboard now working on 3gs.

Again, for download links and redsn0w installation guide, go here.

Note: If you used purplera1n RC2 or newer, you do not need to redo your jailbreak. You will be unable to use logome in the future, but that should be the only downside. If you used purplera1n RC1 or older, you should redo your jailbreak. I believe you can run redsn0w right over the top of it.

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ECID Grabber & iBEC and iBSS Grabber

Author: Pico  //  Category: General, Jailbreak

An ECID Grabber that difrnt created. It makes the process of getting your purplera1nyday certificate faster and less complex. Read More / Download At: *Getting your ECID and purplera1nyday certificate may be crucial to your 3Gs Jailbreak! Screenshot: UPDATE #1 difrnt also created a iBEC and iBSS Grabber! If you find it too hard to manually grab [...]

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3.0GM – Dont upgrade yet

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

Yes, 3.0 GM is released to developers. This is the final 3.0 release. There is no jailbreak for it at this time. Do not yet upgrade. There are rumors of people using the 3.0 b5 jailbreak tools. This is a terrible idea. It will replace most your 3.0GM with B5 components. You will not have a real 3.0 final any longer, instead you will have a hybrid 3.0 and beta 5. It’s a terrible idea. Next week when beta 5 expires, your 3.0 jailbreak could expire as well and you would have to restore all over again.Yes, some people may claim that they did this and “it works fine”. But as I just stated, it is not a real 3.0 final any longer. Definitely not a good idea nor is this something you want.

Just wait a few days and you should be ok.

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Quick2gPwner: The QuickPwn for iPod touch 2G!

Author: pH  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak

Hey guys, here is pH from and today, you should know that DevTeam released the beta version of Redsn0w, that works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The tool is great, because it works like QuickPwn, but, unfortunately, there’s no GUI :( . So, during the day, I developed a GUI for Redsn0w [...]

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iPhone Jailbreaking, EFF, and DMCA

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Development, Jailbreak

As you read this, keep in mind that I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

There has been a lot of news surrounding the legality of iPhone jailbreaking. It started when the EFF announced that it plans to add iPhone jailbreaking as a DMCA exception. ( After this, Apple made an announcement that they consider jailbreaking to be a copyright infringement ( So what’s really going on?

The DMCA has a set of exemptions that are reviewed every three years. This year is the year where these exemptions are reviewed and also when new exemptions are added. The EFF is pushing to have jailbreaking added to the exemption list. By adding this, it basically says “jailbreaking your iPhone is legal”. Remember, not having it in there does not say that jailbreaking is illegal. It simply doesn’t say. For example, there is no US Law that says “clothes shopping is legal”. But there is no reason to think it is not legal either. The EFF is pushing to add an exemption so that jailbreaking is actually called out as legal.

The original exemption requests can be found here:

A month after the exemption requests were made, the responses were due. These can be found here:

There are responses from a number of people for 5A from a number of end users and small businesses the obvious players: EFF and Apple. A few people who are definitely interested in this problem for other reasons (VOIP): Virgin Mobile and Skype. Mozilla also chimed in with a rather short document.

Skylar wrote an interesting article on this here:

And the NYTimes has an interesting article on it here:…our-iphone/?em

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iPhone 2.2.1 Jailbreak Is Out

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

The Dev Team released the iPhone 2.2.1 jailbreak. You can download the files pwnage or quickpwn (Mac) / quickpwn (Windows). At this point, only MAC OSX Quickpwn and pwnage are released. You should read the dev team blog for details and warnings on the upgrade relating to the 3g unlock. The 2g baseband has not been upgraded so you will not lose your unlock if you are unlocking a 2g iPhone. The 3g yellowsn0w 0.97 has been released also.

Additionally, the procedure is the same so if you need help head on over to the guides section and read the pwnage or quickpwn guides.

Confused about which one to use?

Pwnage – use this if you are going to unlock your 3g. It will prevent a baseband update. Use this to build a custom firmware and program it on. This will do the upgrade for you so you do not need to update in itunes.

Quickpwn – use this if you want to just upgrade in itunes then jailbreak. Do not use this if you are unlocking a 3g. Use this if you have already updated to 2.2.1.

Finally, a personal comment. Should you upgrade at all? If you are running 2.1 or 2.2, I say no. 2.2.1 is pretty much worthless. If you are running anything under 2.1 yes you should upgrade. 2.0-2.0.2 are horribly buggy and slow. 2.1 and newer solve this. If you are below 2.0, you dont even have appstore and you are obsolete. Upgrade!

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Firmware v2.2.1 Update Out – do not upgrade yet

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

Apple released iPhone firmware v2.2.1. As always, hold off on your upgrade. This one sounds pretty worthless anyway. In this upgrade, it claims to fix safari stability (which was already stable on 2.2, and they always claim to fix this anyway) and solved some issue in emailing photos. The 2g baseband did not get updated. The 3g baseband is at 2.30.03. If you were using yellowsn0w, this will shut you down. I’m sure jailbreak will be available soon. So just hold off.

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Jailbird – Winpwn Replacement

Author: Pico  //  Category: Development, Jailbreak, News

Jailbird is a new application that will allow Windows users to jailbreak & unlock their iDevices!

Jailbird is meant to be a replacement for WinPwn, this means unlike Quickpwn, you will be able to generate a Custom IPSW and change your partition size!

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